Zolair Energy


Technology to electrify and empower

Zolair is a micro-electric utility providing clean, affordable energy solutions for the developing world. Its patented, portable, renewable primary battery offers on-demand electricity to off-grid customers with a wireless activation and payment system.

Bringing clean, 24/7 power to developing communities



Zolair saw a need for a productive and sustainable energy solution to address the 1.4 billion people trapped in perpetual poverty. The Zolair PILA-1 produces enough 24hrs-a-day on-demand electricity to power small appliances such as fridges, sewing machines, power tools, TVs, computers, modems, printers, stereos, and much more. This is the key to breaking the poverty cycle, and enabling small businesses to thrive.

Technology in action


Zolair acts as a micro-utility, selling energy — by the watt-hour — to off-grid users through our innovative payment system and home energy appliance. Vouchers are sold through energy/service shops, selected retail outlets, and online via a third-party energy sponsoring program. Energy is activated and paid for wirelessly.


Partner with Zolair

Zolair is always keen to form progressive partnerships with organizations who understand challenges in the developing world and the potential difference clean electricity will make in people’s lives. We have an on the ground presence in emerging communities, and believe in symbiotic relationships to help organizations grow and reach off-grid households. Please get in touch with us to see where we can partner together.